This comparison site meets two objectives:
    • First, help you determine the selection criteria to be used to benchmark and make your choice of product.  Indeed, among the many criteria for selecting options, some will prove unnecessary to use, while others will be decisive.

  • Then, once these important criteria of selections chosen, compare different products based on these criteria. You will find comparisons on the following topics:
    • Comparison of ISPs:
    • Comparison of GPS
    • Comparisons of LCD TV
    • Comparison of insurance (motor insurance, home insurance, health ..)
    •  Compare digital photo (appliances, sweepstakes, development)
    • Compare mp3 players and portable digital
    • Compare quotes ...
For all purchases, regardless of the areas, bids are multiplying and it is therefore useful to compare them. The purpose of these comparisons is not to find the best offer, because it doesn't really exist. The best offer for you is the one that best fits your own needs, and this is not necessarily the same for someone else.

In summary, this site will attempt (modestly) to find the best match between your needs and products offered through the different comparative he proposes. For all products, we list the advantages to take into account, and the drawbacks to avoid. So, you'll soon be able to better benchmark.