Updated 01/09/2008

Before buying, making his comparison of camcorders, it should be the first time to properly identify his need.The main feature making the difference is the record. This distinction allows criterion to classify camcorders in 3 categories:

  • 1.Camcorders recording on mini DV
    • Strengths : reduced budget, enables to have a model of transition with the transition to standard HD (HD models become more affordable)
    • Weakness : require manipulation before reading
  • 2. Camcorders recording on DVD
    • Strengths: ability to read directly from the recording on his DVD player
    •  Disadvantages:  slightly more expensive and / or bulky that the category above
  • 3.   Camcorders compact HD (high definition)
    • Strengths: image quality (it is really truc that you can see that the image is more beautiful)
    • Cons: high prices, beginning the era of standard therefore prices led to significantly lower the fure and extent of the standardisation of the HD.

Once the selected category, to refine your camcorders rankings, you will have select your choice by comparing :

  • their price
  • ltheir autonomy
  • their TFT screen (size)
  • hard disk capacity for concerned models 
Finally, know that you win a lot about the price by ordering your camcorder on the Internet compared to a retail sale (you can compare to check but the economy is generally around 20%.) .

In summary, this site will attempt (modestly) to find the best match between your needs and products offered through the different comparative he proposes. For all products, we list the advantages to take into account, and the drawbacks to avoid. So, you'll soon be able to better benchmark