Updated 15/01/2008

Selection criteria recommended to choose your MP3 player and Walkman Multimedia

It will first of all to distinguish which of the 3 major categories of products from the market you want to turn:

  • The portable digital not only listen to music, but also watch images (pictures) and view movies (Divx)
  • The portable audio and photo have the functions described above, without the ability to view movies
  • Finally, mp3 players, known as "flash" focus on the historic function of the portable mp3, namely listening to music.

Once your chosen category, the selection criteria which you must pay attention when selecting your player are:

  • The practical side:
    • weight,
    • Of automomie the battery (very important criterion, because it is rageant to see a player permanently unable to turn "on")
    •  ergonomics of the navigation menus
  • The storage capacity
  • In particular for portable multimedia, the screen size
  • The  DRM compatibility: the DRM standard is the standard encryption (security) music files. It is used on some sites selling music downloads. Only Walkmans compatible DRM will be able to read such pieces
  • If, like many, you think your mp3 player as a "fashion" product you will pay attention to design.
  • Finally, even if it seems logic, the price. . Indeed, the range of choice for portable mp3 players and digital is very large, and a search for the best value for money is necessary.

mp3 players mp3 and digital Pocket device comparison, and choice made in each category :

The different digital music players and mp3 players have been ordered in each category according to their characteristics, then compared.  At the end of this comparison, has emerged a winner for each category.
  • The portable digital

 Our choice
 The Advantages(+)
The Disadavantages (-)
 Haut de gamme
Archos AV 700 TV
 - Very big sreen (7 inches !)
 - Integrated TNT Tuner  (2 antennas and double tuner,
to watch TV in the car, for example.)
Compatible with DRM
- Remote
 FM Tuner only option
- Storage capacity average (40 GB) for a high-end product
 Entrée de gamme
Creative Zen Vision M
 - Value for money prices
- FM Tuner
- Compatible with DRM
- Design OK
  Fairly small-screen (2.5 inches)

  • The portable audio and photo

 Our choice in the category
 Preferred model
 Disadvantages (-)
  The range is little scope, it does not distinguish "high quality" and "low-end level" for portable audio and photo
Sony NW A1200
- Very Good autonomy
- Nice Design
- Competitive price
Storage capacity Ok (8 GB)
 -Uncompatible with DRM
A little heavy compared to its competitors

  • MP3 players

 Our choice
 Disadvantages (-)
Apple IPod Nano
- Fashion
- Practical excellent (ergonomics menus, lightness ...)
- High Autonomy
- Storage Capacity
 - Price quite high

Creative Nano Plus
 - Very not heavy
- Design
FM Tuner and disctaphone
- Compatible with DRM
  - low storage capacity  screen pretty basic
Low storage capacity