• Make a choice of tire is always difficult : Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Fireston, Pirelli, Kleber... . The choice is vast and many brands are available. Provided that the manufacturers do not help us with their marketing strategy, since they themselves create sub-brands to differentiate their tire "midrange" of the "high end" . The first hurdle before we can compare tires between them is to understand their technical characteristics and know how to read them

            Exemple : meaning of 195/45R17 87 H
    • 195 : width of flank mm
    • 45 :  ratio between the height of the tire and the section width%
    • R : radial tire (normally the case with all tires that you seek to compare)
    • 17 :diametre of the rim in inche
    • 87 :index burden
    • H :speed index

Index speed Q R S T U H V ZR W
Speed (kph) 160 170 180 190 200 210 240 >240 270

  • Selection criteria for your tire comparison :
    • 1. Adhérence behavior in the rain : security comes before everything!
    • 2.  Their prices and their longevity :The 2 criteria must look together, since it is the best ratio price / longevity that you are looking for and not only cheap tires.
    • 3. The comfort they bring: noise, driving pleasure ..
  • Also on the sidelines of these selection criteria, we must also take into considératon technical  and personal criteriabefore confirming your comparison:
    • If you have a sporty driving, you look rather tires of high indices speed (though of course you do not reach these speeds, it will resist better at a "brutal" treatment in the turns)
    • Technical criteria: you think about them (all cases exhaustive can not be treated here): for example, it prohibits to mount a series of tire replacement speed index lower than the amounts of origin (except in specific cases of winter tires).  And we can not repair a tire index greater than or equal to V in case of puncture ...
    • Ethics criteria : some tires are so-called energy conservation. Typically, they are more expensive and it clears the fuel savings they enable, and are therefore not so economically interesting than that. However, if you fiber ecolo ...

  • Tires comparison
Beyond these selection criteria, a comprehensive comparison requires a long bibliographic research work  ....  I have so far not had time to accomplish ... Coming on the site sonn (I hope so).