Updated 01/09/2007

Quite expensive, the TV is something for which supply is abundant and it is necessary to compare. The details and explanations below on the flat screen televisions, LCD or plasma will support your comparison.

Selection criteria recommended to make your comparative LCD TV

  • The size of the screen: the decline ideal for a lcd tv is less than that recommended for a cathode classique television (better resolution and lesser luminescence). If this matter is still debate, it is reasonable to admit between 2.5 and 3 times the size of the screen as setback distance.
Thus, it is worth assessing the first place you have to retreat, and next choose the screen size

  • HD ready or Full HD ? : HD ready can display a resolution in 1280 * 720, and a Full HD resolution is 1980 * 1080. Currently, the possibilities of a Full HD are not fully exploited. You have to wait at the advent of high definition player (Blue-Ray or HD-DVD) at a reasonable cost for it..
    • Either you want a screen that will remain relevant long enough and you count early use the possibilities offered by HD (purchase of readers ...), and your choice should go to the Full HD
    • Either you want a simple television large format, without undue invest immediately (perhaps imagine buying a new one in a few years), and this is rather the HD Ready you have to choose.
  • Your own assessment of image quality: each is not significant in the same way an image (color intensity, dynamism ...). It may therefore be interesting to get your own idea into a store, however, be sure to keep a critical mind, because dealers can play on the settings to make a TV more or less beautiful (and so try to sell you screens they wish to sell under their own interests, not yours). Of course, il is really less expensive to buy your TV on the Internet and we thing it is the right choice to do so.
Depending on your country, have attention to the quality of the signal : if you do not have the TNT, rendering the image of your lcd tv can be very disappointing, once it came to your home.
  • The integrated functions:
    • Nowadays, the TV have generally an integrated TNT tuner. Yet, depending on your country, it's perhaps to verify this point before buying. Indeed, this can afford not to use separate decoder or use it to record a program different from the one you watch (which is important when you know the poor image quality delivered by a television lcd with an  analog source)
    • Has the screen has an integrated hard disk  to act as digital recorder?

Comparison of LCD screens and choice made in each category:

The various TV lcd were classified in each category according to their characteristics, then compared.

At the end of this comparison between lcd tv, has emerged a winner for each category.

 Our Best choice in the category
 Disadvantages (-)
 Upscale : Full HD, > 102 cm (40'')
série xd1 (37 to 52 inches)
 - Best ratio quality vs. price in Full HD
- Exceptionnal Design 
-High performances
 -  Some defects youth on the first series, now apparently resolved
No numerical optical audio output
 Mid-range : HD ready, > 102 cm (40'')
 Samsung LE 40 M 73
 - Quality price ratio
 - Connextion provided
 - Design OK
 - 40'' and not 42''
Low-end, "small size

Sony,   KDL S series
  -  TNT Tuner
  - Sound quality
 The competititors offer products of similar size at a lower price