Updated 01/08/2008

When one wants to make a laptops comparison , it must first be placed in a category of use to establish a choice or a ranking. Once placed in a given category, the selection criteria must be set and the rest of the comparison will then decide on the price;

  • 1. Laptop for casual surfing on the Internet
    •  There is here a model specially designed for this use: the Asus PC EE 900. His performances are limited, its screen is only 9 inches, but it is the cheaper laptop ever. But keep in mind that  if you work over a long time, resolution and screen size quickly become penalising
  • 2. Laptop for office and Internet
    • A 15 inches screens, and a hard disk of 60 GB are enough for such use. You can find this kind of models for less than 1000 $.
    • The Toshiba Satellite A200 or the HP 6710B are interesting. Acer, Asus and Dell are also good role models in this category.
  • 3. Laptop for video, office, Internet - it would be like your pincipal computer
    •  Here, it is preferable a 17-inch screen and a hard disk more than 160 GB
    • Prices range between 1000 and 1500 $
  • 4. Laptop for use below + video games, 3D or requiring high-performance
    • It is about the power (processor, graphics card) to ensure  model duration
  • 5. Laptop mostly for travel, choice of ultramobiles
  • These computers have a screen smaller. Yet they are among the most expensive. They are indeed the choice of mobility, and emphasize autonomy, congestion and low weight. They are thus nicknamed the ultramobiles.Rather, they are doomed to professional use.

Once the selected category, except exotic brand, the choice resulting from comparative laptops should be on value for money.In practice, the characteristics are very close once the need and segmented market have been identified, and the winner of the comparison is often the one which has the lowest price within the category.

Finally, know that you win a lot about the price by ordering your laptop on the Internet compared to a retail sale, knowing that Internet sellers are now recognized and offer equivalent guarantees.