Updated 12/07/2008

  • Offer Broadband Triple Play (ADSL + + unlimited Telephone Television): full unbundled
Selection criteria recommended

Many criteria are used to compare these offers broadband and differentiate them.
However, some will have in all cases weighing. Therefore at the time of choice: price, television channels available, technical equipment.

 Others have more or less weight depending on your specific case: novices will also take into account the quality of the hot line, while for others this criterion is not very useful : indeed, the installation is usually very chewed by ISP and unforeseen problem can be solved simply by consulting internet forums.  Similarly, the wifi interest those who have a laptop to surf the net in the garden ...

Other criteria are less important  : commitment or cancellation fee (except in the case [rare] where you do take the Internet for a few months, the announced rate  (better test than your direct line with the specific fai), many countries affected by the unlimited calls, additional options (type storage space ...).

  • Offer web access in non unbundled
Selection criteria recommended

Here, television is not available. If you are in the countryside and have no means of relief for call (portable. ..), it would be better to keep your subscription historic telecom operator by security.

The selection criteria will be here mainly to price and the rate proposed.

As for bids on unbundled area, other criteria will have more or less weight depending on your specific case: hotline important for novices (and not for others), wifi for those with a laptop ...

The criteria of lesser importance will also be here the commitment (or termination fees), the proposed storage space ...