Updated 01/09/2008

To make a comparison of mobile phones, you must first choose how you plan to use your mobile phone. Indeed, mobile phones can now be divided into 4 categories. It is only within one of these categories you can compare  cell phones and make comparative rankings.  Please note in addition that the choice is vast and that there are many packages offered by operators with or without subscription. Look at the the 4 categories and the choice that has emerged after compare them models of different brands (Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and LG) :

  • 1.  Simple Phones: you must choose it  if you use your phone purely as a phone. Within this category, users are divided into 2 categories :
    • Those who watch only the price. At the end of our comparison, our choice for the best cheap phones focuses on the Motorola F3.
      • its strengths: extra fine and ultra-light, very practical
      • its disadvantages : no camera (if we take only in account in our comparison models of phones with integrated camera , our choice was then on the Nokia 6280, which presents an excellent value for money.
    • Those who watch the design especially for these user, after comparing these mobile phones, our favorite is the Porsche Design, but it is also by far the most expensive. For other models, the design is a matter of personal advice, it is therefore up to you to compare ! We still have a preference to move the LG KG800 at the top of our rankings
  • 2. Music phones. A select whether you intend to serve often your phone to listen to music. Our favorite choice from our comparison :
    • mobile Sony Ericsson W850i. Strengths: quality sound, integrated FM Radio.Weakness :  only 2 megapixels camera
    • the Samsung F490 plater. Strengths : design, large screen, multimedia features at the top. Disadvantages: photo only 2 MB, limited autonomy.
  • 3. Photophones. The choice ig you consider that the use of the camera is one of the main functions of your phone (you take your photos mainly with your mobile phone rather than a dedicated device). After compared, our favourites are :
    • Samsung G800. Strengths: developed specially for the photo, value for money, Disadvantage: fragility?
    • Nokia  95Strengths: developed specially for the photo, Disadvantage: high price
  • 4. Smartphones. Our favorite :
    • Apple iPhone. Strengths: fashion, tactile, prices down.
    • Blackberry  Pearl 8120. Strengths: Blackberry knowledge