Updated 01/08/2008

Of all the comparisons on this site, compare insurance is surely the most difficult thing. However, people have many assurances that might be compared:

  • Compare car insurance
  • Compare house insurance
  • Compare Health Insurance
  • Compare loan insurance
  • Compare motorcycle insurance ...
The amounts of insurance premiums to which we subscribe are often not optimized!  There is a tremendous source of savings for each, often untapped.

Why?  Because we are nots used to making the effort to compare different insurances. And this can be quite understandable, because the comparison of different insurances is particularly difficult!

Indeed, the benchmarks are both similar and different for each of us:

  • The same, because the only criteria to consider are price, and how claims are covered, it means what are the guarantees.
  • Different, because everyone does not pay attention to the same disaster covered, according to his personal situation. Thus, for a person A, the insurance will be X better than Y, while for the person B, it will be the opposite!
However, nowadays, there's an easier to compare insurances and their supplier : a lot of good Internet sites do it automatically for you. You've just to make littler effort to use them, and you will propably either save some money or improve your insurance coverage.