The GPS is a practical  and a very popular gift.  However, manufacturers offer more and more products.  But, as the GPS have many technical characteristics that differentiate them, they are one of the most difficult product to compare.

Selection criteria recommended to make your gps comparison

  • Selection criteria to take into account priority:
    • The first is an aspect often overlooked, yet extremely important : the screen size. Indeed, when you drive, you can not keeping watching the  gps screen during a long time, and you will only have a fast look at it. And that's why a screen 16 / 9 good size is very useful.
    • The Speed Trap Database (detector): while most gps can integrate a speed trap database via automatic subscription to a service with download the update of the database, all do not offer an integrated database upon purchase. . But this can be valuable to keep time to take control of the download services of its gps, and especially to defer payment of the famous subscription to get these updates. Of course, the price subscription of this service  proposed by the manufacturer is also taken into account.
    • The ability to recalculate a route: When you do not follow the guidance of gps (ex: because you miss a road that the gps had indicated ...), some gps will be more comfortable to recalculate the right route quickly.
    • The standard Sirfstar No 3 is mandatory for the gps sees satellites through an athermic windshield. If the models have all recently released this standard, keep away from the operations "great promotion" on Internet sites that may sell old models based on the standard Sirfstar 2.
  • Selection criteria which may be significant depending on your particular case:
    • Ease of use: If you are not comfortable with new technologies, this criterion may be important.
    • The weight of your gps: if you park in a risky place, you may need to bring with you your gps when leaving your vehicle. In this case, better be worth it is not very heavy.
    • The preloaded map: If you travel abroad, you will not take into account in your comparison the gps with only a map of your own country installed.
    • The hands-free phone function : if you have a  blutooth phone and you call a lot in your car, it is useful to know taht some gps you will use their touch screen as "call centre": numbering, taking call ...
  • Unuseful criteria for selecting  to the  gps comparison:
    • Additional functions like mp3, divx (gps will not be very efficient for them compared to a dedicated player ) : you must first choose a gps for its gps functions.

Comparison of GPS and selection depending on the category

 Category Our choice
 Advantages (+)
 Disadvantages (-)
Low-end(<200 €/200 $, country map )  Route 66
 Chicago 6000
  -The only model of the category to offer a screen as comfortable (4.3'')
Major European axes available and more detailed map country
 -preloaded speed trap database
 - First model of this new GPS manufacturer
  Mid-range (200 to 400 €/200 to 400 $, European or Canada -USA -Mexico map)  Tom Tom Go 510/520
 - Big screen
- Spead trap database preloaded
-Tom Tom's touch (quick recalculation of route easy to use, several services)
 - Services are charged at a quite high price
  Upscale (> 400 €/400 $, European or Canada -USA -Mexico map)
 Tom Tom Go 710/720
(or 910/920 if you use its extra features)
 similar to 510/520 +  Blutooth
 - idem 710/720