Among the good ideas for shopping on the Internet, the best trick to what conerne clothing is without doubt to enroll in private sales.

The principle is simple: through a web of private sales, the biggest clothing brands offer their products at "friend" prices . However, these sales are spread not only on a few days.

The advantage for these companies: they sell their stocks quickly without going through their intermediaries resale, thus operate at lower costs.
The advantage for you: you can business, the current discount on the price raport store is from -40% to -50%, and this all the year (no need to wait balances)

Most leading brands of clothes, perfumes ...organize such private sales. One can even sometimes also find other types of products, ranging from dishwashers to cars!

The only drawback is that for some, we must necessarily learn the e-mail from a sponsor to access these sites of private sales (marketing requires argument: it requires that you have the impression of entering a privileged circle ...).  But once you have acceed to such a site, it's no such difficult to find a godfather. This sites help you find once you are connected because they don't want to loose a potential customer.

Each  private sale site has its partariats privileged, it is better to register on several if you want to enjoy a maximum of good shots.

This phenomenon is new and sites are currently déveloping. Few problems were related for the moment Yet, it would be difficult and premature to establish a comprehensive comparison today.